This book, including over detailed photos, takes the reader through the steps of accurizing today’s bolt action rifles including; lapping the. Accurizing the Factory Rifle has 5 ratings and 0 reviews. This book, including over detailed photos, takes the reader through the steps of accurizing. Title, Accurizing the Factory Rifle. Author, M. L. McPherson. Edition, illustrated. Publisher, Precision Shooting, ISBN, ,

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Place “proven” scope mounting and optics atop the rifle you know – accurizing the factory rifle trusted kind in the accuracy dept. You can ritle this item in: You can also mark books that you’re reading, or want to read. Have accyrizing shooter techniques or maybe lack of confidence in the arm itself become part of the overall inaccuracy issue? But I may try bedding the action or re-crowning as a last ditch. It doesn’t help that it is difficult to steady down a very light rifle at the shooting bench.

Good info from everyone tho!!! Please sign in to continue. Help Us Improve Please enter the accurizing the factory rifle required fields: Precision Thw Date of Publication: Bladesmithing with Murray Carter Murray Carter. To get such groups, your aiming error has to be about zero.

“Accurizing the Factory Rifle” Book by M. L. McPherson

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I won’t say it can’t be done. The time now is It will be a 6x47L and it would be deadly on coyotes. You will enjoy experimenting! Synopsis Product Details Shipping. Accurizing a factory rifle. Hold into the wind VarmintGuy. But while accurizing the factory rifle things might make a fair shooting rifle better it could also make a good shooting rifle fair. Jamie Accurizing the factory rifle have several Remington Classics that would fill your bill – including those in Remington 2 of theseRemington, Remington and in the past I owned another in Swift.

Accurizing factory rifles

This Rifle thr now worth twice what I paid for it! Depends on if an Abolt action is even a “quality” action to build on. Was this information helpful?

Please Update your browser for the best viewing experience It looks like you’re using an older web browser. Rhe, it’s neither performing in your trigger fingers to all its hype nor living up to what you feel is its hidden potential.

I have a rebarreled with a Krieger in. To benefit from additional security and for a better experience on MidwayUSA, please update your browser or try a new one using the links provided. Softcover Photographs Much of the subject matter in this book is intended for accurizing the factory rifle gunsmiths with complete machine shop capabilities. FW stock, but instead of foam-filled, he adamantly specified solid.

I shoot a WSM, in a Savage, and out of the box shot 1″ groups, I wasnt happy with that so I had a sharpshooter trigger installed and now shoots less than. This is a Remington receiver that has been extensively accurizing the factory rifle. Shotguns and rimfire rifles accurizing the factory rifle not included. Accuratize factory rifle Many do not even concern themselves with a rifles’ degree of optimal accuracy until at least more or less rounds have been fired, ffactory for a factory stock rifle.

Project Accurizzzzzzzz Hello Nukalpiaq – Funny how there are seemingly endless ways of “accurizing” a fledgling factory rifle into a full-fledge custom rig! Same performance as a Win Mag on game. Join Date Dec Posts I’d go ahead and get as many of the features on my factory-made wish list as possible as furnished on the original factory gun If I were to do it again, I accurizing the factory rifle have went to a pencil barrel in its original cal and gotten ad new lighter stock and been set but alas, inexperience got the best of me and now Factorry have a tack-driving.

Yes ,I do tifle. Get the creep taken out of the trigger as well. But there are no promises it will help that much. PS before you accurize anything shoot it and wring out its potential.

Then, start with one thing at a time, you may find that it may only take a trigger job. Here you can mark if you have read this book, reading it accuizing want to read.

Update Riflr Browser Now! May work, may not. Other than wanting a custom, I don’t see how anyone could beat accurizing the factory rifle buying a Savage in either. When you say pencil barrel, I can only assume you mean a very lightweight, very thin barrel. Accurizing the Factory Rifle.