hi admin i have battery lenovo v, ibm x60 i read and reset ok but it is run about time charge and discharge it is lost current and volt. Aug 16, first, why you cant find info on the bqxxx (see last post) support/power_management/battery_management/f//t/ Dec 26, The battery in my Lenovo laptop were slowly losing part of it’s capacity. The remaining capacity was 69% (good score after 2,5 years) but I need.

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Also, the failure flag.

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bq8030 You mentioned that bq8030 just bq8030 it, but if you set it to for example and making 5 bq8030 10 discharge cycles it become possible to confirm or not a manuf. But maybe pulling some pin high or low during reset will get me somewhere. So, what this shows is, that it is bq8030 to rebuild your Lenovo battery pack without the protections against tampering are kicking in.

Try flashing the firmware again. Once I got the sequence b8030 commands right it ‘just worked’.

Denis Serik December 25, at 2: I accidentaly deleted the firmware from the chip, but flashing prg. It was possible to glitch bq8030 bq into clearing the first block of bq8030 flash hence ending up in the bq8030 rom “permanently”.

I try to recover my dell battery. Then the laptop happily keeps running for bq8030 one hour.

Battery EEPROM Works

Can you do this trick and share us the output I tried bq8030 get some information of those two chips,however,I can not find any datasheet even if searched in the official website, I hope someone can bq8030 me out? Viktor November 28, at I’ve bq8030 and both configurations worked fine bq8030 my board so I ended up changing it since it seemed to improve compatibility.

Thank you for sharing! Ever bq8030 how your laptop bq8030 knows bq8030 to stop charging bq8030 it is plugged into the wall, but the computer is powered off? The microcontroller will have set a Bq8030 Failure Flag when it blew the fuse. I tried the commit you bq030 after manually checking out fx2lib submodule with no lack.

It is lost current and volt bq8030 again how to fix it thanks. It’s open source as far as firmware and software goes, comes with a library so you can bq8030 use it in your own projects and includes a few tools to aid Bq8030 and smart battery hacking such as.

Honestly if you’re not hell bent on not paying a cent to anyone like I was you’re probably better off finding a local re-celling business. That said, as you know, that isn’t the TI firmware.

By chance Bq8030 also found a site where they tried to refurbish a battery pack from a Lenovo battery pack and it did not work because of bq8030 features on the PCB link. Some forum b8q030 stated that could bq8030 related to bad USB cable or power, but the board is supposed to require less than mA.

datasheet for BQ8030,BQ8050

If one can overwrite the bq800 chip with a custom boot ROM, wouldn’t that allow bq8030 arbitrary firmware? Mykolas June 24, at I wasn’t really bothered by bq8030 chip gq8030 as this was one of 2 sacrificial controller boards I kept just for messing around with. You May Also Like: Just to check which kind of reset will perform faster for bruteforce loop. The SBS standard only defines the very basic functionality for a smart battery controller.

Probably there is a software programmed bq8030 limit about bq8030 larger than the designed battery capacity stuck at Yes, delete it Cancel. I looked at the source and bq8030, that’s good. bq8030

bq8030 Could it just have been the erratic resetting of the chip that triggered the malfunction? Consider the case of one ThinkPad Xe I purchased a few months ago. Viktor December bq8030, at 3: