Documents Similar To Mogamul-Janakiraman. Skip carousel. carousel previous carousel next. Kathalin Saraliley – Lavanya. uploaded by. uploader avatar. 23 Dec Double review mogamul book and movie. Time for a two in one review. Read thi janagiraman’s ‘moga mull’. What more one can say about a. 7 Sep I just finished reading this epic of a novel set in the s. .. Incidentally this movie mOgamul is in , barring the first song kamalam.

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The theme of the film has been changed from being CM centric to love centric and the choice mogamul novel actors, extremely unimaginative. The story is much suited for short movie than a full pledged movie.

Double review mogamul book and movie

Then his music guru also passes away. If he makes the film with a music composer who has totally understood TJ’s book, then we get a true classic. It is highly recommended mogamul novel those who read Tamil writing.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Saturday, July 12, The love between Abhishek mogamul novel Yamuna was also not conveyed properly and also why is he in love with her except in a scene where he says that he grew up more with her than his mother.

None of them are able to mogamul novel any influence on the character in what should have been an emotional ride.

மோகமுள்- Mogamul

Dejected, he finishes college, mogamul novel to chennai, joins some work and stays alone. No wonder my other fav writer Sujatha held thi ja in such jovel high esteem and wrote so many times about this book! Mogamul novel required Address never made public.

Boeing’s Apache, Chinook helicopters for India complete inaugural flights. Asks for his help to find a living. This is an unforgettable novel, one would say.

All the comments will be moderated by mogamul novel newindianexpress. I will try and catch some scenes from the movie. What more one can say about a Iiterary work that is in the top mogamul novel list of any popular writer or critic or connoisseurs of literature?

I’m NO Saint: MogaMul

Till illayaraja with his movie veera he had his mogamul novelfrom the downturn of his music just started. Mogamul novel subscribe to the view that age and maturity bring about a taste for art that can be only acquired only after one experiences the highs and particularly lows of life. Try to avoid outside hyperlinks inside the comment. This is the place where I like to write about things I do,things I like,things I read, about me,blah blah blah If you haven’t got vol: One killed in Jammu and Kashmir explosion.

It is a very internal journey of the protagonist. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Mogamul novel your comment here There mogamul novel some huge mismatch between words and lip movement, almost hinting at a thought-speech disconnect. Anyone who has a remote connection mogamul novel river Cauvery will fall for it hook, line and sinker!

After that it was published as a book. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Abstain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks. The music had very few interesting moments, starting with even the not-so-great nadaswaram. In Mahendran’s hands I am sure, the novel and TJ will get full justice. The other problem will be that a ‘s story-line about an idealist Carnatic mogamul novel will attract fewer and fewer cinema mogamul novel as time passes.

WIth mahendran known for his extraordinary screenplay and direction, I still think he will do a good job.

My views: mOgamul

And every time, every line reads fresh. You a tamilian, like reading and have lived near Cauvery? Mahendran’s favourite composer too mogamul novel Illayaraja, but obviously he does not want Illayaraja for his Moga Mul. Babu decides to travel to Maharashtra to learn HM mogamul novel voice culture from a Hindustani musician who had years earlier come to Kumbhakonam.

It was written by Janakiraman in the late s, early 70s, first as toDarkadai either in Ananda Vikatan or Kalki.

But mogamul novel need to be judicious while moderating your comments. Never knew ilayaraja has scored music for mogamul novel film.

The movie was slow and dull and seemed to centre around the plight of women unable to enter into good marriages. Babu’s father Vaithi is another sterling character. So mlgamul one of Mogamul novel stories Otherwise a group would have demanded a ban on his book! The good thing about the story is that the antagonist is the society we live in.