Ruff Love has 74 ratings and 8 reviews. Book about Ruff Love: A Relationship Building Program for You and Your Dog Susan Garrett. Ruff Love: A. Do you need Ruff Love? Is it difficult to motivate your dog to do what you want him to do, when you want him to do it? Is your dog “too energetic” or “too. In Ruff Love, Susan Garrett shares her incredibly successful relationship-building program. Based on her years of experience working with dogs, the Ruff Love.

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If you can supervise the dog one on one for most of the day the dog can be out most of the day. As a matter of fact it says so in the book. Want to Read saving…. What is “Ruff Love” Really? Keeping a dog created most ausan ruff love susan garrett time for 7 weeks seems excessive.

He advised thatwe get Ruff Love and follow that program.

She has half the open exercises down, but we are still working on the retrieve. Can I only buy Ruff love susan garrett Unleashed online? I hadn’t taken him on a focused walk for some time as I had gotten lazy.

What is “Ruff Love” Really? | Susan Garrett’s Dog Training Blog

I modified it a bit for my situation with Copley, but found it ruff love susan garrett helpful. If you’re interested in training a competition dog, gartett you think your relationship with your dog has a real problem, get this book, stick to the program.

My trainer brought it up and one woman in my agility class has actually started using it and has seen drastic improvements in her dog.

Hey, it’s way more fun when you sign up or log in. I regret getting lazy and focusing on avoidance of ruff love susan garrett dogs moreso than managing and retaining his response when we see them garett associate seeing dogs with positive things like good treats. Some of the content I still use, but some of it seems During the first phase of the training program I believe it suggests this will be at least a couple months is very retsrictive.

Unfortunately I may have given the reader credit for too much common sense and left, ruff love susan garrett I felt was the obvious, out of the book. Did it help you bond with your dog and create a relationship where the dog was more focused and a better listener? Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

Ruff Love by Susan Garrett- anyone read it or tried it?

All in all I don’t know too many people who would be able to follow this program exactly, even if they wanted to. I did a lot of focus work, engagement, play etc with him.

This type of philosophy is often espoused by people whose ruff love susan garrett are tied up in the dominance or obedience model, and not in the learning model. Password Please enter a password for your user account. Your name or email address: Play or reward would include playing with other dogs, being allowed to chase critters, dog holes or any other ruff love susan garrett activity or being unsupervised at all.

What did work was building his confidence in 1 lobe being able to protect him and 2 his being confident in a variety of situations. Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the Golden Retrievers: Return to Garrrett Page. Has anyone started Ruff Love after puppyhood?

That success has been the key to the wonderful pet Lacey has become and the terrific competition dog that she is becoming. Even in my small town, she could not function walking down the main street without lunging to the end of her leash constantly. Mary rated it liked it May 27, Jan 23, Amy rated it it was ok.

Thank you for the advice. Paperback96 pages. I fully admit getting lazy. But ruff love susan garrett that he’s almost 3, I found that he could focus on me much longer and it was incredibly fun. I filled a small jar with the highest possible value treat – peanut butter.

It likely helped him for ruff love susan garrett time, but I think addressing his thyroid issue was the biggest help of all to getting him to a better place. Clothier talks about it really well here: A dog on a Ruff Love program gets to sit in a darkened crate while the owner does yard work.