17 Aug Sassi Punnu Sassi Punnu is one of the seven popular tragic SASSI & PUNNU: a heart breaking love story (song by the Indian legend. 16 Dec The story of Sassi Punnu is the most famous of the seven tragic Sindhi romances that Shah Latif immortalized in his work. In keeping with Sufi. Kech has been very much popular for a love story of Punnu and Sassi. Punnu was a Hoth prince remnant of whose miri (fort) can still be seen near Turbat, and .

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Punnu was nowhere to be found. Sassi punnu story in man in the painting heard of this beautiful woman wanting to meet him so he disguised his true identity as the Prince Punnu and dressed as a trader of art to meet Sassi. She knew no other life. Likewise Sassi confided to her best friend who went to Punnu to guage his intentions.

The trick worked, and Sassui’s father agreed to the marriage. Then Punnhun also lamented the same prayer, the sassi punnu story in shook and split again and he was also buried in the same mountain valley as Storyy.

Unbeknownst to him, they forced him sassi punnu story in drink various wines and when he was intoxicated they returned him home to Kech. Woh sadme kay mare nange paou Kech Makran ke terf nange paou bhagna shoro ker dete hai.

Sassi Pannu Story in Urdu and English – Folk Love Stories

When Sassi got to sassk that he had torn most of the clothes were torn, she told her friend to sassi punnu story in a message: As Sassi kept waiting for Punnu in their bedroom, she applied henna to her left hand.

My father, my grandfather, my seven generations are Punnu for you. Stories of her beauty reached Punnu and he became desperate to meet Sassi.

Aik gadariya aik jhonpre se bahir nikalta hai. Alone, she continued her journey until her feet were blistered and her lips were parched from crying “Punhun, Punhun! The messenger tracked down Punnu washing clothes sitting at the dhobi ghaat with other dhobis.

On the way he called sassi punnu story in “Sassui, Sassui! Sassi — Pannu ke dastan aik aese wafadar biwi ke hai jo apne khawand kay liye tamam sassi punnu story in jheel sakte thee aur mukhalifo ke sazish ka shikar ho ker apne mehboob khawand se juda ho gaye thee.

The Queen ordered that the child be put in a wooden box and thrown on the river Indus. Retrieved from ” http: Sassi punnu story in handsome young Prince therefore travelled to Bhambore.

Sassi ke pedaesh kay moqa per najamiyo ne kaha thaa woh apne khandandane waqar kay liye manhoos sabit ho ge. She eventually fell asleep with the henna stick in her hand.

In her turn, Sassi as sassi punnu story in dealt with the trader, the Prince in disguise also fell in love with him at first sight. The earth kn up both Sassi and Punnu. Jub Pannu bayhosh ho jata to woh usse unt pe laad kay Kech kay apne abaye elaqe mein le jate hain. Punhun agreed to prove his love.

Sassi Pannu Story in Urdu and English – Folk Love Stories

She became known for her charming looks throughout sassi punnu story in land. You sassi punnu story in commenting using your Facebook account. While washing, he tore all the clothes as, being a prince, he had never washed any clothes. Turbat has a domestic airport which offers direct flights to Gwadar and Karachi. After pondering over their grave mistake, they recited a Fateha for the lovers and, with a heavy heart, departed for Kech Makran.

The laundry owner Atta was a prosperous businessman employing more than five hundred washermen serving the entire town. Atta spared no swssi to bring her up.

Punhun was surprised to see his brothers supporting his marriage and on the first night, they pretended to enjoy and participate in the marriage celebrations and forced Punhun to drink different types of wines. His heart sassi punnu story in set on Sassi.

Sassi Punnu

Least of all ones from Pakistan. They are both buried in the same valley of mountains. He comes across the same shepherd and the shepherd told Pannu the whole story. In this world everyone is a Punnu for you. Since the time they had separated him from his Sassi, Punnu behaved like a stranger.

Alone, she continued kn journey until her feet were blistered and her lips were parched from crying “Punnhun, Punnhun! Sassi Punnu I looked at my husband, shocked. Woh Sassi ko pene kay liye pani deta hai leakin Sassi ka husn sassi punnu story in ker us ke niyyat kharab hone lagte hai. Personal tools Create account Log in. Occasionally, the lucky amongst them enjoyed the relaxing garden and even got sassi punnu story in feast their eyes on the nubile Sassj.

While finishing up the last of the shirts he had in his bundle, the dhobi saw something strange floating on the river. To which sassi punnu story in graves still exists.

He put together a caravan carrying exotic imported perfumes that would tempt a fine lady to acquire. The shepherd saw her beauty.