The VICS (Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards) Bill Of Lading (BOL) provides inventory-processing information through supply chain to a shipper. Table 1. VICS Bill Of Lading for Shipment, SHIP FROM. Fields. Name, The company that is shipping the product. Address, The shipper’s street address. II. The Standard Bill of Lading Form GS1 US VICS Standard BOL http //www. gs1us. org/ then click Logistics for complete BOL guideline information. Date BILL .

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When shipment has no line items: This affects the amount of classification information shown in the Shipping Assistant.

Click vics bol for more info. Typically, similar items with the same class are grouped under one general description. These properties are the basic determining factors used vics bol carriers in rating shipments. The information is correct, however StarShip is rounding the individual order weights.

Print VICS BOL to a Plain Paper LaserJet from any ERP, WMS, YMS, or Logistics system

If vics bol 16 rows are filled a second page should get generated with the two tables split having the rest of vics bol records on the second page. What is Bill of Lading? Field values can change depending on choices made in other fields.

A rolling number is required when automatically generating the Bill of Lading number and the value entered will be used as the next Hol. Otherwise, you may not receive the vics bol type or number of labels. Create new group name and commodity description s based vics bol freight class: This choice is available when Bill of Lading Type is Straight.

Get the vics bill lading form

Low monthly subscription rates. The shipper must create them manually.

Use Line Item Number plus Description as commodity description: What is UCC number? This setting also affects the Vifs columns shown in the Shipping Vics bol. Manually enter commodity description s: Vice not necessarily saying it can’t be done, but it will take a long time, and in the end, it may turn out that it will vics bol meet your requirements. You can change the BOL to display 2 decimal points in the Weight Column so that you can confirm that the weights are correct.

VICS Bill of Lading

What vics bol a 17 digit bill of lading number? Notes about manually entering the BOL: Its not a straight forward design for two tables stacked one above other and repeat same across the pages. Click the Format button to open the Variable Formatting window. This choice is available for both Bill of Lading Types: The form and guidelines for use are available for bil on the VICS website at this address: This vics bol also affects the amount of classification information shown in the Shipping Assistant.

View, Print Bill of Lading VICS BOL Sample

The bill of lading also includes the classification numbers of the items to ensure proper rating. Disables the following settings under Bill of Lading: VICS bill vics bol lading Software:.

VICS bill of lading. Unique 17 digit bill of lading number using your Vics bol code Bill of lading number and Pro number barcodes Automatically selects regular or special instructions VICS bill of lading and prints supplement bill of lading pages. Remove From My Forums. vics bol

I have given up negotiated alternatives on reports vics bol are not this complicated because the formatting requirements are too restrictive.