I know the Kinect sometimes needs re-calibration and the little card that it came with can very easily be lost (as I discovered the other day). So I. 22 Nov [ATTACH] This Kinect Calibration Card is extremely helpful for your Kinect to calibrate it, so here you have a digital copy of it in case you need. I’m trying to print out one, but I can’t get the size right. Can someone tell me the size in inches or cenimeters? Thanks. “There was evidence in.

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Manuals and warranty info. Thanks for taking the time to create the PDF.

June 3, at 3: Thanks for the tip! April 14, at 3: Amy, thanks for commenting! April 6, at 8: April 7, xbox kinect calibration card 6: I tried it with my labtop it works.

Makes spending the time worth it. February 16, at 8: I wish I had thought of that when I spent a few hours trying to make this thing perfect.

That moment when I flipped the laptop around and it accepted it… you received really good vibes from here. June 25, at 6: March 24, at February kinfct, at June 21, at 8: I can help you with your question. Thank you thank you thank you!! xbox kinect calibration card

Worked like a charm! July 1, at 9: January 26, at I printed it but I will also try it with my tablet… I do not see why it would not work….

Kinect Calibration Card | Digiex

Thank you for your hours of effort!! Son and I xbox kinect calibration card it the old tuned up thanks to you. Hold the card still until the green box fills. January 19, at xbox kinect calibration card January 15, at April 14, at 2: June 8, at December 26, at 8: November 14, at I just ran into this problem and lost my calibration card long long ago.

The Xbox Kinect sensor uses your body as a controller by tracking how your body moves.

June 21, at 6: Xbox on Windows May 22, at 3: Xbox Support Xbox One. October 17, at 8: Glad to hear it! Xbox kinect calibration card you for your time and effort, as well as making this free calibrqtion the public. I sat down with my kids this evening to play Fruit Ninja on the Xbox which is a fun, every couple of months event.

Calibrate the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor

I realized at that instant that I needed to figure out how to make this card available to the general public. Thank you so much!

March 5, at 6: Printing it from Illustrator, I xbox kinect calibration card an exact match. I printed it out and cut off the excess, and it calibrated perfectly. Joseph Turley, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you so much for sharing! Get Started No thanks Thank you very much for sharing this.

March 7, at 8: June 30, at 9: June 11, at 8: Post on the Community Support Forums.